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Crab Nebula

Are you ready to live your most aligned Life yet? 

I am passionate about facilitating YOUR journey into deeper self awareness! 

Hi. I'm Rivkah. I have a heartfelt dedication to Health and Healing.
It is the frequency of Wellness that most informs my interests, choices and future vision.
I am living my most aligned life to date. 
No, it has not been a direct route by any means.
But it has been one full of clues alluding to the benevolent undercurrent of creation & evolution.
Many moons ago I attended Prescott College in AZ, met my would be husband and from there we both graduated with degrees in Wilderness Leadership. It was in this process of exploring the vastness of Nature that I became aware of a passion to explore the inner wilderness of consciousness. Every outdoor adventure deeply paralleled a level of self discovery. It was a direct tap into the innate wisdom and intelligence underlying existence.
Truly powerful.
A few months after graduation my now husband and I married and began to grow and raise our family.
(With six kids, we are still doing that.  And will be.  For a while.)
Then came the detour I had not anticipated.
After finding such meaning and clarity while learning to better navigate the inner and outer wilderness, I felt pressured to "grow up" and "live in the real world". In came the subtle quieting of seeking joy traded for focus on external perceptions, societal acceptance and status quo.
After several children and more than a decade, I realized I felt depressed, stuck and angry while blaming people and circumstances for my pain. 

Slowly the still small voice inside became louder. It reminded me to listen to what brought me joy and passion. I began reading books on self-help & healing, energy medicine, learning about Unified Physics and consciousness studies. 

After months of study and practice, March 1, 2020 I became certified as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner!
Healing was happening and I felt more alive than ever! 
Essentially my soul was re-ignited. That is the potential of this work!
Then everything changed. For the whole world
Two weeks after my certification, our children came home from school to begin remote learning and life as we knew it was near instantly restructured.
The collective consciousness was expanding rapidly and it was decision time. 

Why am I sharing this story? 

Because this was the clue I had been waiting for and didn't know it. 

Although it had only been a muffled conversation for a decade, we decided to sell our home of 14 years, move to the countryside and homeschool our kids.
We took responsibility to adjust into greater alignment with living our ideal lives. 
Glitches and all.
My gift to you is a commitment to connect and align with Authenticity and Integrity.
See, I discovered that continually returning to harmony and neutrality is crucial for healing & aligning with your purpose. And this is the recipe to living our best lives. I can help you get there! But you have to be willing to do the work. 

We can all do this. It is our birthright. 
Let's heal our pain, witness our wounds, release our stress, find our center, become more and more embodied and nurture each other while we discover self-love. 
Sounds corny, I know... BUT IT WORKS. 

Take responsibility. Ask for help.
Come into alignment with your highest Self and actualize YOUR fullest potential. 
Messy at times and infinitely rewarding. 

Where are you on your journey?
I'm here to help.  

with Love, 
- Rivkah

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