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Biofield Tuning Overview

In this video, Eileen McKusick

founder of the Biofield Tuning method

explains the concepts around

how & why this modality works.


Demonstrates the idea of what to expect in a session.

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INSPIRED Conversations
Podcast interview with Amy Schuber

Learn a little about me, my attraction to this work & how Biofield Tuning can help you...

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Website Resources

Explore some of the research.

See what science is revealing about the subtle elements of existence, awareness & healing.

Electric Health

Biofield Tuning founder, Eileen McKusick shares in depth about the biofield, our electric nature and how to increase our voltage as electric beings.

Image by Mayur Gala


Cymatics is the emergent science of sound and vibration made visible. The Cymascope reveals the underlying beauty to what was otherwise nearly invisible.



Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) is a wealth of information including how cutting edge science and ancient traditional wisdom are merging to express one truth.

Image by Michael Dziedzic


Over 25 years of research demonstrating the power of the heart. Explore human potential by unlocking the application of heart-brain coherence.

Image by S Migaj


Resonance Science Foundation (RSF) is helping to shift the standard cosmology of a separate, random and competitive universe where space is an empty void to a unified, connected and abundant model. Where would you rather live?

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Electric Universe

Although controversial to the standard model, the Electric Universe Theory reorients the prominent force of the universe to electromagnetism instead of gravity. This reframe reintroduces plasma and eather from dismissed to dominate states of matter.

Image by Bethany Laird
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