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All Healing is Self Healing

Delicate Fabric

when the human electrical

system is free flowing,

we experience more


more energy

more solutions

emotional balance

clear perspective

balance in water_edited.jpg

Biofield Tuning locates & releases

frozen energy in the field stuck from traumatic experience & unexpressed emotion 

Electric Health is fundamental to
physical, emotional,
mental & energetic wellbeing

Do you have questions about Biofield Tuning? 

Curious if Biofield Tuning is right for you? 

Are we a good fit to work together? 

Chaos to Calm

schedule a FREE 30 minute


Biofield Tuning Sessions:

remote via Zoom

Delicate Fabric

75 minute tuning

* explore resilience
* express stuck emotion
* integrate previously frozen potential

in a session, expect to relax & breathe deeply

while noticing sensations, emotions & thoughts

3 sessions package

3 / 75 minute sessions

usually 1 to 2 weeks apart

book at your convenience over 6 weeks

 explore the transformative 

nature of this modality * 


each adjustment is cumulative & builds on the one before

( $111 / session )

Gift Certificates:

practice conscious giving with the gift of

Health & Wellness

 share the power of coherence 

with friends, family & loved ones

Delicate Fabric
become coherent_edited.jpg

journey from

resistance to flow

static to signal

noise to music

Harmonize the
dissonance in your field
& notice what
transforms in your Life!

coherent frequency supports 

nervous system regulation

 breathe more deeply

release tension easily  

expand self awareness to align

with authenticity & dignity

Mountain Cabin

Remote or Distant Healing...How does it work? 

The short of it is...not scientifically known AND it works!

How does your phone or computer work? 

Safe to say, most of us cannot explain the function of modern technology. 

Regardless & fortunately we still benefit from the tech!!

Remote healing utilizes our 

innate inner Human technology

Like when you think of a loved one who then calls!?!

think...quantum entanglement, non-locality & holography


 we are all ONE & expressions of it what you will.

If you are uncertain about this idea, I invite you to:

  • calm & open your mind

  • be curious & witness your ideas

  • notice your sensations, thoughts & feelings

give it a try and see what YOU think!

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