Biofield Tuning

All Healing Is Self Healing

Traumatic memories & unexpressed emotions create resistance in our electrical flow.

Coherent frequency of the tuning fork helps

to break apart & release stuck energy
and reintegrate it into circulation.


Foundationally, health can be

considered in terms of the strength & charge

of our human electrical system.

Mountain Cabin

Remote or Distant Healing...How does it work? 

The short of it is...not scientifically known.

AND it works!


Do you know exactly how any of your modern technology works?

Some might but most of us would say, no.

Fortunately that does not stop us from benefiting from its utility!


Remote healing utilizes our innate inner human technology.

Like when you think of a friend or loved one who then calls!?!

Many have had some experience of the sort. 


At a fundamental level we are all ONE and expressions of ONE it what you will. 

If you are uncertain about this idea, I invite you to:

  • calm & open your mind

  • be curious

  • notice your sensations, thoughts & feelings

Give it a try & see what you think...

light waves.png

Journey from resistance and static TO coherence and flow.

This modality uses the pure frequency of the tuning fork to help the nervous system reset itself.


Naturally clients find the ability to breathe more deeply and release tension associated with trauma & limiting beliefs.


The dissonance in our field is the blueprint for the physical, emotional and mental symptoms we experience. 



Harmonize the dissonance & notice what symptoms resolve.