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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect in a session?

Expect to relax, breathe deeply
and notice sensations, emotions & thoughts


Sessions are conducted on a massage table,

both in person & remotely.  


The practitioner utilizes audible & inaudible tones from different frequency tuning forks around

& on the body or hologram.


From about 6 feet away, moving toward the body,

an activated a tuning fork combs through the field

and pauses when encountering resistance.


The sound of the fork will assist a shift in the resistance and it will be slowly swept toward midline, back into circulation. 


The information in the field is available for

integration regardless of distance or time.


Intention and consent are everything.  


Reclaiming stuck energy from the field can have profound rejuvenating impact.

Clients experience a wide range of benefit from calm relaxation, to energetic buoyancy, to physical & emotional pain relief.

How many sessions?

In general three sessions are recommended
to address a presenting issue

If no change is noticed in this time it is possible
that Biofield Tuning will not help resolve that condition.

Like other body work or healing modalities,
Biofield Tuning is part of an approach
to health, wellness & healing.

This work is cumulative and
each session builds on the one before.

There is no limit to revealing and releasing stuck emotions.

Are there practitioners in my area?

Click here to find if a Biofield Tuning Practitioner is conducting in person sessions near you. 

Is Biofield Tuning for everyone?

Biofield Tuning is a powerful,

non-invasive energy medicine modality. 

Please approach it with curiosity & discernment.

Use caution if any of the following apply: 


  • Active Cancer - Detox can be compromised by the body's already stressed systems. Sustained remission of 3-6 months following treatment can begin sessions. ​

  • Terminal Illness - Body systems are weakened and do not have the capacity to manage the detox process. 

  • End-of-Life - Similar to terminal illness, the body systems are not able to manage the detox process.

  • Pregnancy - There is the potential risk for miscarriage due to the physical and emotional detoxification nature of this work. Weighted forks on the body have proven relaxing during pregnancy. 

  • Pacemaker or other medically implanted devices - The electromagnetic nature of the tuning forks could interfere with these devices. 

  • Fresh concussions - 3-6 months post concussion can resume or begin tuning work on the head. Other parts of the body are safe to address in the interim. 

 What is a "healing response" in Biofield Tuning?

After integrating stuck emotions from the field,

it is possible for a client to experience

a healing response following a session.

This is OK and normal.

The body is releasing stress & trauma.

Symptoms generally resolve in 1-3 days.


Possible healing response symptoms are:

  • fatigue or lethargy

  • emotional waves - anger, crying, sadness...LET THESE EMOTIONS FLOW!

  • loose stools

  • exhaustion - listen to your body & rest as much as possible

  • headaches and/or dizziness

  • increased or intensified dream activity

  • IN RARE CASES - rashes, mucus, fever, vomiting, excessive thirst


If you are experiencing a healing response following

a session feel free to contact your practitioner.


A brief follow up session can greatly improve the "digestion" process of releasing "emotional constipation" and get things moving along. ​

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